The eHealth Competition needs help to reach eHealth SMEs across all Europe. We look for intermediate organizations like associations, foundations, clusters, accelerators and others with a good network of eHealth SME contacts, that commit to the objectives of the Competition.


There are two levels of involvement:


They will help to recruit SMEs by disseminating the Competition across their channels (email, twitter). In exchange, supporters will get visibility in the Competition website. If any supporter manages to attract sponsors, a percentage of the sponsorship will be shared with him.


In addition to the tasks of the supporters, evaluators will participate in the selection of the Competition Finalists by reviewing and marking the documentation submitted by SMEs. Evaluators will get superior visibility, including press releases, and the possibility to get free-of-charge passes to attend the conference. As an added-value, their networking with peers and SMEs will be more intense.



If you are interested, please contact us

Are you an eHealth SME?

Before starting registration process, please take a look
to the rules section to know if you are an eligible SME