The functional scope is on eHealth and Wellbeing. That is, eligible ICT or mHealth solutions have to focus on digital healthcare and wellbeing markets. Biotech and medical devices are excluded from this competition


SME eligibility criteria (all apply):

  • The SME has to have a VAT number.
  • The SME headquarters have to be located in Europe (see below eligible countries).
  • Headcount less than 150 employees.
  • Annual turnover of less than 5.000.000 euros.
  • The company cannot belong to a large conglomerate or being subsidiary of a multinational.

The criteria above must be fulfilled at the time of registration.


Eligible countries

Albania • Austria • Belgium • Bosnia & Herzegovina • Bulgaria • Croatia • Cyprus • Czech Republic • Denmark • Estonia • Finland • Former Yugoslav • Republic of Macedonia • France • Germany • Greece • Hungary • Iceland • Ireland • Israel • Italy • Latvia • Liechtenstein • Lithuania • Luxembourg • Malta • Montenegro • Netherlands • Norway • Poland • Portugal • Romania • Serbia • Slovakia • Slovenia • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • Turkey • UK


In this edition of the Competition, there will be two Categories: 

  1. Promises: SMEs with annual turnover less than 500,000€ in 2015.
  2. Champions: SMEs with annual turnover more than 500,000€ in 2015 (considering only the eHealth unit,
    in case the company has several divisions.). 
  3. Diabetes - special track. For companies with solutions focused on diabetes.

The Jury will award 3 winners: One per category.

Previous winners of the EU SME eHealth Competition cannot participate in the current edition, except for the special track. The main criteria to select the winners will be technology innovation, short-term impact on: patients,  the healthcare professionals, the economy and among ohter social aspects - and traction.

Remember to focus on your solution. Try to skip the marketing blurb and explain the benefits and the advantages of the use of your solution. Do not copy and paste from your website, we are more interested in what you have to say in your own words.



Prizes will be presented as a special ceremony after the Final, involving relevant stakeholders from the European eHealth sector. Winners will have the right to include the prize logos in their corporate communication material (always stating the current year). Their names and related photo material will be included in the broad dissemination to be produced after the Competition. SMEs are encouraged to make use of it to gain visibility in front of potential customers, partners and external funding.


The prizes per Category consist of:

  • 1st prize:  1.000€ and trophy
  • 2nd prize: Trophy
  • 3rd prize: Trophy 

Prizes in kind may come from sponsors and supporters of the initiative.




Note: The finalists will have to present their solutions personally in Barcelona on the 3rd of May 2017 and there are no options through any teleconference systems to make the presentation. If you decide to apply and you are one of the finalists, you will have to travel to present your solution in front of the jury. Unfortunately, no travel support is offered.



The mere fact of participating in the Competition means that the participant knows and fully accepts the terms and conditions described above. Any request not contemplated shall be resolved by the organizer, and participants will abide by such decisions as final.The organizer reserves the right to modify any aspect that in its opinion is an improvement in the competition and its procedures.