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Get recognition for your eHealth Solution by entering the eHealth Competiton. Organised by TICBioMed, it aims to provide support for the SMEs' business success, offering a path to increase visibility and marketing opportunities to attract customers, partners and external capital.


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These are the best solutions of 2017


SilverCloud (Ireland) enables the delivery of evidenced based content,

programs and support within the area of mental health and long term/chronic illness care.





Mediktor (Spain) is the most accurate AI based mobile solution for triage, pre-diagnose and decision making support on-line. It supports clinical teams to make the safest, fastest and most cost-effective decisions.



MedicSen (Spain), a non invasive artificial pancreas: artificial intelligence to personalize the therapy and non invasive drug delivery with a needle free patch



Meet the finalists of 2017

SME The solution Website Country
Ariana Pharmaceuticals SA The right drug to the right patient with Onco KEM®, a novel decision
support system helping oncologists to personalize cancer treatments
according to the molecular profile of each patient.
http://www.arianapharma.com/ France
Monsenso ApS The Monsenso Solution aims to enable better mental health treatment to more people at lower costs, by leveraging smartphone technology. www.monsenso.com Denmark
SilverCloud Health SilverCloud enables the delivery of evidenced based content, programs and support within the area of mental health (Depression, anxiety, stress, etc) and long term/chronic illness care (diabetes, CVD, cancer etc). www.SilverCloudHealth.com Ireland
Medanets Our mobile solution for nurses makes possible to browse and file patient
data point-of-care basis. Solution increases patient safety and quality of
care and also brings significant time savings.
www.medanets.com Finland
Doctrina Knowledge changes and saves lives. https://en.doctrina.biz/ Slovenia
SME The solution Website Country
NU-RISE NU-RISE developed the first in-vivo and real-time dosimeter capable of
measuring dose inside patient body, thus opening the possibility for
real-time dose correction.
www.nu-rise.tech Portugal
MEDIKTOR MEDIKTRO is the most accurate AI based mobile solution for triage,
pre-diagnose and decision making support on-line
www.teckelmedical.com Spain
Eodyne Systems SL Science-based VR platform for motor and cognitive rehabilitation of
neuromuscular diseases such as stroke, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis and
cerebral palsy, including gamified and engaging rehabilitation exercises.
www.eodyne.com Spain
Inspair Inspair, a compact smart sensor turning traditional inhalers into connected
medical devices. It provides a unique insight into how inhaled therapies
are delivered to people living with asthma.
https://biocorpsys.com/ France
Popit Popit Sense - World's first smart pill reminder. Never forget your pill again. First for the 100M+ birth control pill users globally, then other medication groups.. http://popit.io Finland
SME The solution Website Country
MedicSen Non invasive artificial pancreas: artificial intelligence to personallize
the therapy and non invasive drug delivery with a needle free patch
http://www.medicsen.net/en Spain
Phi Med Europe S.L. NerveCheck Master is an innovative Quantitative Sensory Testing (QST)
medical device that allows early diagnosis of sensory nerve fibres
alterations with a focus on Diabetic Neuropathy.
www.phimedeurope.com Spain
Insulin Algorithms Able to analyze all of the data and optimize any type of insulin regimen
and any combination of insulin product. Clinically proven to dramatically
lower HbA1c levels and diabetes-related complications.
www.insulinalgorithms.com Israel
Insulcloud, S.L. Insulclock helps people living with diabetes making it easier their daily
routine and avoiding mistakes in their treatment to improve their health
www.insulclock.com Spain
OurPath OurPath is a digital behavioural change programme, proven to help people
change their lifestyle and reduce their risk and complications of type 2
https://www.ourpath.co.uk United Kingdom

... and the jury panel for the Final

  • Alberto Rubio - Government Affairs Manager. Astrazeneca. Spain
  • Marta Abella - Corporate affairs manager. Astrazeneca. Spain
  • Bart Collet - Partner at Advance.Healthcare and HealthStartup Europe. Belgium
  • Xavier Olba - Digital Health strategies & Open Innovation consultant. Spain
  • Laura Buguñá - Innovation Coordinator Mútua Terrassa. Spain
  • Sebastian Judez - Managing Director. AXA. Spain/France
  • Ilkka Tiainen - Apotti Ecosystem Expert. Finland
  • Alain Pujol - Board Member & International  Relations. Angels Santé

What's new in this edition?

The novelty this year is the launch of a Diabetes track to reward the best solutions for the population management of the disease. This track is aligned to the ProEmpower initiative (Pre-commercial Procurement). You can also submit your proposal to the ProEmpower call in september 2017. Companies that reach the final phase will receive up to 1,140,000 €.


Do you have a solution focused on Diabetes? Apply!

The calls for EU eHealth Competition and ProEmpower are completely independent. EU eHealth Competition deadline is 6th March 2017. For ProEmpower info, stay tuned! 


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